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Vince Gironda Diet

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Vince Gironda Diet

Vince Gironda was way ahead of his time when it came to his radical diet, motivated by what Rheo Blair had taught him. Vince was giving the top professional bodybuilders like Arnold Franco and Frank Zane and many others this valuable information. He was the first bodybuilder to ever openly talk about the importance of reducing carbohydrates when losing fat.

He said that the dietary fat we eat is not responsible for fat gain but rather the carbohydrates that we eat. Top professional bodybuilders that were following his advice were eating steak and eggs along with a pint of cream as well as high protein shakes with plenty of vegetables.

It was more than 40 years ago when Vince said that eating any and all dietary fat had nothing to do with cholesterol or other related potential heart disease. This was later endorsed by Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD in his book ‘The Cholesterol Myths’ almost 4 decades later.

The physiological demand for protein when training with weights is well documented these days but Vince saw the light long before anyone else and his radical diet of eating fried foods and fat without taking any carbs was revolutionary and produced consistent results.

Vince always stressed the importance of supplementing with liver tabs enzymes and EFA's which he said speed up the metabolism and protein synthesis. He said that raw fertile eggs would help to stimulate the endocrine system and the immune system generally.

He related a lot of his diet recommendations to the enhancing of growth hormones naturally without taking steroids. He said that the key to any successful diet for any bodybuilder is to pack foods with high quality protein and good quality fats.

His pre and post workout shakes that he recommended was something bodybuilders had not seen before. Taking in 12 raw fertile eggs together with about 8 grams of cream mixed in a blender with banana wheat germ and milk seemed a bit extreme but the results that this achieved speak for themselves.

He also recommended taking amino acids bewtween meals.

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