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Serge Nubret Bodybuilder

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Serge Nubret

Serge Nubret was born in Anse-Bertrand, one of the Guadeloupe Islands on 6th October 1938. Serge was a natural athlete who found himself in bodybuilding. After he completed his studies in accounting Serge dedicated himself to bodybuilding. He described it as "reason for being."

Serge Nubret spoke of his success before he actually achieved it. He proved himself more than once to be the best built man in the world winning the 1976 NABBA Mr. Universe in London 1976, the WBBG Pro. Mr. World and the Mr. Olympus in 1977 held in New York.

Serge Nurbret trained and competed for 25 years and in Geneva he won a lifetime achievement award in 1981 winning the world championship title when he competed in the WABBA World Championships held in Rome, winning his 5th major title. In 2003 when Serge Nubret was in France at the World championships held in Gravelines, he showed everyone what good shape he was in at 65 years old.

At the 1975 Mr. Olympia in Pretoria, South Africa, Serge Nubret was told he could not compete on his arrival and stopped training for 12 days, losing 12 lbs of muscle between then and the day of the contest, he was only informed the night before pre-judging that he was able to compete. He finished second to Arnold Schwarzenegger in the heavyweight class, but still beat Lou Ferrigno.

Serge Nubret Workout Routine

Serge's training was very unique because the split he would follow had very specific rules to them. Doing what todays bodybuilders would call excessive volume Serge would do 6 or more sets on each exercise doing 12 reps without reaching the point of failure.

His rigid training routine was designed to generate a pump. Serge would feel like a specific body-part was well worked when it was bloated with blood so that his skin was is nearly tearing, waiting to reach failure. Training like this improved his recovery time so that he was able to attack a different body-part the next day.

Serge used time under tension (TUT) and would start off using a weight that he could easily do 20 reps with but when using TUT he could only do 12 reps. His strict training philosophy doing high volume with minimal rest periods meant that he could never train with a very heavy weight, often a stumbling block for the average bodybuilders' ego.

Serge Nubret Diet

Serge Nubret had some unique ideas on eating as well because he never ate until his body told him to. He believed in protein and eating often but the specific diet rules that he followed were very non-specific. In his own words he sometimes eats as much as 6 pounds of red meat every day, plus rice and plenty of beans, but he also said he eats chicken, fish, lentils, vegetables and fruits.

His protein drinks would be Rheo Blair's milk and egg protein powder mixed with raw milk and raw cream.

And when he wanted to build maximum lean muscle mass he would take Blair's Amino Acids every two hours.

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