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Ric Drasin Bodybuilder

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Ric Drasin

Richard Alan Drasin was born in Bakersfield California on July 12, 1944 and started his prolific fitness career in early 1962 teaching exercise and nutrition at the local YMCA. He then joined the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) and teaming up with the champion Mae Young he competed as "The Equalizer". Ric went on to wrestle professionally for more than 36 years from 1965 to 2001.

But Ric was a wrestling athlete that also won a few amateur bodybuilding contests when he was younger. Ric Drasin has left a permanent mark on bodybuilding as well as professional wrestling because he designed both the gorilla in the World's Gym logo as well as the Gold's Gym logo, which is still today the cartoon sketch of the bald weightlifter, just as he designed it originally.

Ric Drasin has many accomplishments that include being the recipient of the very first Joe Gold's Lifetime Achievement Award, presented to him at the World's Gym International Convention held in Las Vegas, Nevada September 26 2012. This award recognized his enormous contribution to the fitness where he competed as professional wrestler, actor, bodybuilder, and artist.

Without listing Ric's amateur bodybuilding titles he won the following titles competing as a professional wrestler. The AWF Heavyweight Championship, the CCW Championship and the GCW Junior Heavyweight Championship. His contribution to both bodybuilding and professional wrestling will always be remembered.

In the early 1970's Ric was Arnold Schwarzenegger's training partner at Gold's Gym, since his retirement from professional wrestling Ric now owns and also operates the 'American Wrestling Federation' (AWF) pro wrestling school operating out of Sherman Oaks, CA.

Ric is also a personal trainer and has trained many top film stars like Jeff Goldblum, Erik Estrada, Daniel Baldwin and Chuck Negron from 3 Dog Night.

Ric was the training partner of Arnold Schwarzenegger back in the days of the original Gold's Gym, and like Arnold he used Rheo Blair's milk and egg protein and amino acid capsules.

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