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Rheo H Blair Protein

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Rheo Blair Protein Powder

What is Blair's Protein Powder?

Answer: Blairs Protein is a protein powder developed by the late famous legendary California nutritionist Rheo H Blair in the 1950's. Rheo was trainer to the movie stars, athletes and bodybuilders of the world. Rheo pioneered the early protein movement which was tested through the Blair Research Center in Los Angeles in the 1960's.

Blairs protein is formulated for nutritional superiority with only the highest grade of nutrients. It is processed through an exclusive low temperature process that does not denature  the  amino acids.  Therefore insuring  both maximum biological availability and  unexcelled  solubility.  This superb  blend  with  its  excellent amino acid balance offers  unexcelled  solubility  and  taste.  This  product  is excellent  for  repair  and rebuilding  of  bodily  tissue while helping to maintain high levels of stamina, vitality and  efficiency. Blairs  protein  contains  the  IGF1 and IGF2 (insulin growth factors) that produce increases in strength,energy levels  and size.The results may very from individual to individual.This special patented process is expensive but the result is what Blairs Protein has been about for over 40 years.

What are Rheo H. Blair Protein ingredients?

Answer: Calcium and Sodium Caseinate (milk protein) Low heat nonfat
dry milk, lactalbumin, dried whole eggs, iron phosphate, natural vanilla flavor.

What is the nutritional information per serving?

Answer: serving size           28.35 grams (1/4 cup)

calories               102

protein                17.5 grams

protein                40%

fat                       0.6

calcium               30% (300mgs)

cholesterol          15mgs

riboflavin            (B2) 12%
carbohydrates     7 grams

iron                     15%

Who has used Blair's Protein?

Answer: Six Mr. Olympia winners and over 20 Mr. America winners. Athletes, movie stars and entertainers worldwide.

Is Blair's Protein Powder Lactose Free?

Answer: NO Blairs Protein is NOT lactose free. We would not recommend the protein powder to anyone that has a lactose problem. Rheo believed the lactose part improved the digestion of the important B Vitamins

How does Blair's Protein Powder mix?

Answer: Blairs Protein Powder mixes easily. We recommend you use a blender.

What Flavor does Blair's Protein Powder come in?

Answer: Natural Vanilla flavor

Does Blairs Protein contain any hidden sweeteners or flavorings like other products do?

Answer: Blairs Protein Powder is the same formula Rheo H Blair developed. It contains no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, flavorings or added fillers What does Blairs protein powder look like?

Answer: Pure white powder

What would you recommend to mix Blairs Powder with to gain mass or weight?

Answer: Blairs recommended formula by the late Rheo H Blair was to mix the powder with cream and milk. His research with his gym in Chicago in the 1950's and his work in Los Angeles proved beyond a reasonable doubt that gains were increased when the protein powder was mixed with half and half or a combination of cream with added milk.

Click Here To Get Rheo Blair Protein Amino Acid Capsules

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