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Rheo Blair
Tomorrow's Man Magazine

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Rheo Blair Tomorrow's Man Magazine

Irvin Johnson, later known as Rheo H. Blair, published a pocket-sized magazine in the 1950's and 1960's called "Tomorrow's Man", which told of his clients many success stories, gave training and nutrition advice and sold his supplements such as "Protein Sixty". Tomorrow’s Man was part of a group of mid-century physique or bodybuilding magazines often described as beefcake publications, which is to say it also appealed to gay readers. It only cost about thirty five cents back then.

Tomorrow's Man played a significant part in bodybuilding's history. This magazine published many of his before and after cases, which spread his fame in the bodybuilding world and he sold all of his supplements via mail order. The magazine did very well for short period of time, at its peak; Rheo had around ten people working for him on this little magazine.

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