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Rheo Blair supplements
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Rheo Blair supplements

Rheo Blair was best known for his protein powder and amino acids. But Blair also manufactured a full line of supplements and products which are listed below:

BLAIR'S PEPTAIN HCL: This is the special digestive used to help Blair's students digest his high-lactose protein product. Dosage: 6-8 with every meal.

BLAIR'S LIVER EXTRACT: This product contained 500 mg of liver fractions in a free, available form. Blair considered this far superior to desiccated liver. Dosage: 30-60 per day (or more)

BLAIR'S SOYBRO: Each capsule of this fatty acids product contained 360 mg of crude germ oils (rice, wheat and soy.) Dosage: 30-60 per day

BLAIR'S B-COMPLEX: Three capsules a day supplied 1,695 mg of all B-Complex vitamins.

BLAIR'S CHOLINE PLUS: A lipotropic meant to be used only with Blair's B-Complex ("to maintain balance.") 3 or more per day. Up to 18-20 if fat loss was the main goal.

BLAIR'S VITAMIN E: All natural derive from vegetable oils. It was available in three strengths, 100 International Units, 200 IU or 400 IU. 3-5 per day (1000mg or more daily)

BLAIR'S IRON PLUS: Supplied iron in natural form, along with zinc, copper and manganese in proper proportion. Three capsules a day supplied 5000 micrograms of biotin, 200 micrograms of B-12, plus ten other nutriments.

BLAIR'S CALCIUM PLUS and BLAIR'S CALCIUM P-F: Calcium supplements that also contained Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Hydrochloric Acid for proper digestion. The Plus formula was non-constipating and was designed to help irregularity. The P-F formula was for those with no elimination problems. 2-5 per day.

BLAIR'S BIO-PLUS: Each capsule contained 500 mg of lemon bioflavanoids with hesperidin, 50 mg of rutin and 150 mg of Vitamin C. 2-5 per day.

BLAIR'S VITAMIN A: from fish liver oil, each capsule contained 25,000 U.S.P. units of Vitamin A. 3 per day

BLAIR'S VITAMIN C: Super strength Vitamin C that provided 500 mg per capsule. 6 per day (3000mg)

Click Here To Get Rheo Blair Protein Amino Acid Capsules

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