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Rheo Blair Pudding
Rheo Blair Protein Pudding

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Rheo Blair Protein Pudding

The following is a home recipe closely equivalent to Rheo Blair’s famous protein pudding. Rheo Blair’s recipe for his pudding contained his own brand of cream and milk & egg powder. Distribution of theses products ceased in order to prevent unauthorized reproduction of Blair’s pudding. As time went on the media, government and health professionals led the public to falsely believe ALL fats were bad.

Ingredients –
4 Ounces of Double Cream
5 Tablespoons of Milk and Egg protein
3 Tablespoons of Splenda
½ Tablespoons of Olive Oil

Preparation –
Mix all of the dry ingredients together in a large bowl (milk and egg protein and splenda). Shake well. Then mix the cream and oil simultaneously. Use an icing spatula to fold the mixture until it starts to thicken into a pudding like texture. Be quick and careful because if mixed too much, the cream will separate and flatten.

Nutritional facts –

(Serving) - |%DV|
Cholesterol (300mg)
Calories (637g)
Protein (50g)
Carbohydrate (7g)
Total Fats – (36g)
Saturated |33%|
Polyunsaturated |03%|
Monounsaturated |22%|
Vitamins –
B12 |200%|
B6 |200%|
Zinc |100%|
C |100%|
A |100%|
Calcium |80%|
Magnesium |50%|
Iron |0%|

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