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L-Glutamine Benefits

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Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in muscle tissue, plasma and the cerebral-spinal fluid chord, and there are relatively high levels in many human tissues. It is a regulator of protein synthesis and is cellular fuel for tissues of the muscle, intestine, skin and the immune. Up to 60% of glutamine is metabolized in intestinal cells, which require glutamine as their principal respiratory fuel. Glutamine is the precursor to GABA, Glutamic acid, and Glutathione and B-6 is essential for proper transamination of this amino acid as well as for the necessary metabolism of all amino acids. Although it is considered a non essential amino acid synthesized from branched chain and other amino acids, it is considered essential during periods of severe illness and surgical stress, since the body needs more glutamine than is available at these times.


Increasing glutamine in muscle tissue to produce an anabolic effect for body builders and other athletes.

Providing glutamine to prevent muscle wasting in post surgical patients and for those with trauma and conditions causing muscle catabolism.

Stimulating and supporting the immune system.

Increasing mental alertness and supporting neurological health.

Helping to promote proper Glucogenic function necessary for balancing low blood sugar levels.

Effecting the appetite center to help reduce cravings for sweets and alcohol.

Supporting proper intestinal function.

The physical stress to muscles during high intensity exercise and athletic activity results in the depletion of the Glutamine pools in the muscles, as well as the branched chain amino acids necessary to make glutamine for protein synthesis and anabolic effects. Glutamine supplementation pre and post workout or athletic activity can increase glutamine to prevent Glutamine depletion, while providing sufficient Glutamine necessary for protein synthesis and anabolic activity.

Glutamine is a regulator of protein, fatty acid and glycogen metabolism. Alanine and Glutamine are the primary glycogenic amino acids, regulating gluconeogenesis (carbohydrate/sugar formation) in the liver. By stimulating glucose production, it can reduce these food cravings in those with low blood sugar levels that are usually apparent mid morning and mid afternoon.

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