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Irvin Johnson Rheo Blair

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Irvin Johnson Rheo Blairs

Rheo Blair was actually born as Irvin Johnson on October 9, 1921, in New Jersey. Trying to pursue a career as a singer he moved to Chicago in the 1940s. When he couldn't get his singing career off the ground he turned his hobby of bodybuilding and nutrition into his life’s work.

Rheo Blair Method

And with his combined knowledge of diet and exercise he and his clients all got into amazing shape. Johnson opened a gym where he consulted people as a trainer and nutritionist. In 1953 he started his own muscle magazine that he called "Tomorrow's Man".

Rheo Blair Nutrition

In the late 1950s Johnson decided to move to Los Angeles, California. He also changed his name to Rheo H. Blair and concentrated nutrition consulting and supplement sale. He recommended a low carb high protein diet consisting of eggs, meat, milk and cream. He also had people taking a lot of his protein supplement, amino acids and other supplements. Vince Gironda the “Iron Guru” was a big supporter of this diet, and he promoted to the clients of his gym and they all got amazing results.

Rheo H Blair Death

Rheo Blair died on October 6, 1983, but he is still well remembered by many bodybuilders, movie stars and others that he helped.

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